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Truxgo specializes in providing Colocation and Hosting solutions taking the complexity away, and providing end-to-end technology to support your business.

We are an Internet Service Provider and Hoster, making possible to have Data Centers with the capacity to offer global MassData interconnectivity solutions.

Truxgo is a company dedicated to innovation and implementation of new technologies for companies and individuals.

Key work guidelines

Create a secure network

Truxgo has a CERT to protect and make sure that the network will be safeguarded.

Solving business problems

Operations Tuxgo area provide specialized solutions for companies with 24/7 service.

Professional protection of your personal data

We will never share or sell your personal data, as a global cybersecurity center we have the commitment to protect you and your data.


Why Choose Truxgo Products and Services?

As a developer, Truxgo knows the needs of various markets, making it possible to create exclusive and dedicated products, guaranteeing confidentiality of projects.

Big Data Insights

Expand Your Website or App in Truxgo Cloud, available in 9 Locations worldwide.

Secured User Data

All our systems are protected by encrypted code through our Cloud Network service that ensures the security of your data.

Reliable Service

We offer qualified support to attend any situation or event that is presented with 24/7 service availability.

Cloud Server - Dedicated Server Features

At Truxgo Servers we are committed the best value in the hosting business. We are operating 13 locations in 3 Continents: Europe,Asia and America.

Automation Development

Truxgo Servers is what you are looking for when you are an expert with server setup and programming knowledge, select one of our 13 data centers and order one of our VPS or VM's.

  • Our expert Technical Support team is on standby to diagnose and solve any issues you encounter. No question is too basic or complex.
  • At Truxgo you'll enjoy FREE Inbound transfer on our 100Gbps network.
  • Dallas, Los Angeles, Japan, Bulgaria, Egypt, France, Germany, Miami, Turkey, Mexico, Chicago, India nd Singapore.
  • 20x faster than standard SATA disk drives, we provide all new virtual private servers with high performance SSD hard drives.

Additional IP addresses

You can associate up to 2048 for your dedicated server 100% clean and ready to use.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Truxgo Dedicated has an Unlimited Bandwidth Incoming and Outcoming.

Secure Payments & Flexibility

We Have 850 Payment Methods around world. This guarantees the responsability in the servers and data centers.


Having instant support, alot of payment methods and being developers. Allow us to be your best solution.

Global Single-Platform:

Our customized technology allows you to improve capabilities with just a couple of clicks.

Professional Team

Able to solve and find multiple alternatives to a single problem.

Ultimate Payment Systems

We have an international payment system that allows us to have a worldwide presence.

Advanced work scheme

Through multiple solutions and tools managed by a group of IT professionals.

Our Products

we not only have a sigle product or service, we have an extense variety of them that can you help to reach your goals an dreams. You can find the more remarkable here but you can find more in their respective websites as well.

App Screen

Our Powerful
All-In-One Control Panel

Truxgo Panel created together with experts and developers allows you to see your product information for you flexibility

Why Use Truxgo Panel?

Safe & Secure

Your information always will be protected in a redundant system created by experts and professionals.

Universal and Interactive

Start with what you need and change to more powerful options as your website grows.

See your system status in real time

To make things easier, you can see all the information about your product what, how, and expiration date. where and when you want.

Truxgo Admin Dashboard

Introducing Complete Admin Dashboard

We designed the Truxgo admin dashboard for your products in order to make the process easier to manage.

  • Fully manage application process.
  • Online expiration date with Payment link option.
  • Manage each stage pricing and promo option.
  • Analytics reports, Token Sales Data and others.
  • Newsletter with Emailing options.
  • Mobile Friendly and Support all modern browser.

Truxgo Policies

First of all, let's take a look of what is important.


Read the Customer Policies

Policies and procedures are an essential component of any organization. Utilizing both policies and procedures during decision-making ensures that clients are consistent in their decisions.


Below we’ve provided a bit of Truxgo, Email Marketing, Payments, service and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch in chat or via email.

What is Truxgo?

We are an Internet Service Provider (ISP) accredited to the Internet Addresses & Resources México (IAR Mexico), making it possible to have Data Centers capable of offering Mass Data einter connectivity global solutions.

At the moment of the purchase, you can find a lot of payment methods such as Paypal, OXXO, Paysafecard, Visa, Pharmacies and Malls and other 850 payment methods.

You can send your requirement at, surprise us!.

Talk with a support in chat and tell them what you need and your request will be evaluated in a consensus.

May I have a discount?

You have to talk with an support to check your request. You also have to be a distinguishable Truxgo client

not one is better than another, rethink. What do you need? A simple work or proyect that doesn't need potency, storage? if your answer is yes you may need a VPS or do you need something for a big proyect or safe special data? in this case, you need a Dedicated .

24/7 365 days of the year. We are always available for you. The best redundant service

USA (New York, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, LA) Mexico, France, Singapore, Bulgaria, India, Germany, Korea, Honk Kong, Turkey, Netherland, Egypt.

How long is the usual delivery time for any service?

We are committed to deliver the service in a lapse of 24-48 hours after the payment for normal purchases. There are cases that especial services or products take more time to be delivered. Talk with a support for more info about it.

Wait for 24-48 hrs. It can be even les!! If you're are not secure of your status, talk with a Truxgo support. Professionals and specialists will attend you.


We provide the service and the resources to become a provider, talk with an agent through Skype.

Special Contact